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Soy peptide

Soy peptide

Sójový peptid se vysvytuje téměř ve všech našich produktech.Proč je ...



The company Europepharma CZ is a subsidiary  of  the British company Europepharma Ltd. On the Czech market our company provides a comprehensive range of products that can be labeled as dietary supplements, or medication for the improvement of an individuals health status.The vast majority of products are  manufactured  by Europepharma Ltd. in the UK, as the license holder for the manufacturing processes of the unique active substances that are used in our compositions. Our vision is to utilise only the highest quality raw materials and production technologies. On the Czech market our products are able to  be positively identified as the best in their respective fields. We make no compromises and provide only the best quality at an affordable price. Similarly, we also have high expectations of our partner companies. NOR-OIL Company, whose product range is rich in OMEGA-3 exclusively imported by us to the Czech Republic, has a laboratory measurement that shows the value of the oxidizing agent of their product is lower than  TOTOX 2 , making  NOR-OIL fish oils the highest quality product in the world. The use of only fresh salmon oil, processed within 75 minutes  of the salmon being caught in Norwegian seas, is a guarantee of this high quality product which has an especially positive effect on human health. We firmly believe that this  emphasis on only the highest quality production will lead us to be preferred by you, our customers.


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